You should not be surprised. Therefore, in the first contact clear information is provided as to the costs that you should consider in relation to your case. The basic principle is that we provide high quality services at an appropriate price .

Hourly fees

We have various ways of applying legal fees. One of these is on the basis of the number of hours spent by means of an hourly rate. When establishing an hourly rate the experience of the lawyer and the complexity of the case is taken into account. The hourly rates range from € 160 , - to € 300 , - excluding VAT , disbursements and trend increases.

Alternative pricing agreement

If you wish, tother arrangements can be made.Certain activities can be performed on the basis of fixed prices. That gives you more certainty in advance with regards to the expected costs. This method can be appied to a particular case or  recurring  similar cases. In fact a agreement for multiple cases . The level of security you require and the nature of the case will  ultimately determine the precise arrangements made .

Legal subscription

Does your company or organization need structural legal support, then you can opt for a legal subscription wit hus, . A legal subscription means that you can ask us for advice an unlimited number of times for a fixed amount per year. We want to promote easy accessibility to our services . The idea here is that you can can present your question to us in a timely manner to us so as to prevent  escalation or troubles as much as possible. The subscription has a preventive effect.

Office costs

Office costs: we don’t charge any.

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