mr. Wim Bulthuis

Wim Bulthuis

Lawyer at Rotshuizen Geense Advocaten


Wim Bulthuis specializes in civil building law and procurement law. Many contractors find their way to Wim. For them, he is the trusted advisor. The experience Wim gained as a corporate lawyer with a large globally operating engineering firm has proved to be especially helpful.

As a procurement law specialist Wim works not only for contracting authorities and market players in the construction sector. Wim also advises contracting authorities and healthcare institutions in projects in procurement and tendering procedures.

Wim always seeks the most practical solution because this often leads to fastest results for the client. But if necessary, litigation will take place. Wim has extensive experience with both procedures in court and the Court of Arbitration for the Building Industry.

Wim is a board member at the World Link for Law

Educational background

  • Dutch Law at the University of Groningen (Major in private and criminal law)
  • Practicing law since 1997

Ancillary position/memberships 

  • President for World Link for Law 

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