International business

Conducting business internationally means dealing with other rules, regulations, customs and traditions. A good contract is therefore of great importance, along with being certain of whom you  are actually dealing with. This is something that in the case of international business is not always easily determined. Trust in your contract partner is essential, along with certainty as to the identity of said party.

Rotshuizen Geense Advocaten  has an elaborate, valuable international network . Rotshuizen Geense Lawyers has been a member of World Link for Law for many years. Wim Bulthuis is secretary of World Link for Law and as such knows dozens of lawyers from all over the world. As our client you will have access to this network of lawyers of whom you can be assured meet the strict membership requirements of World Link for Law.

For questions, please contact Wim Bulthuis.

Lawyers international business


Lawyers international business

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