mr. Cynthia Grondsma

Cynthia Grondsma

Lawyer at Rotshuizen Geense Advocaten


Cynthia specializes in healthcare. Healthcare institutions , social workers , medical patients and partnerships are among her clientele. Cynthia is familiar with the complex regulations that apply to the industry , but she also has  a solid understanding of the enormous social significance that characterizes healthcare in general. Cynthia’s responsiveness, eye for detail and unconditional support is highly appreciated by her clients.

Cynthia also specializes in insolvency law. The court regularly appoints Cynthia as  trustee in bankruptcy cases. She applies this experience in advising companies that are faced with bankruptcy or companies that are in trouble.

Educational background

  • Dutch law at the University of Groningen ( major in private law and criminal law)
  • Insolvency specialist training in 2006
  • Practicing law since 2003

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