The attorneys at the law firm of Rotshuizen Geense Advocaten regard excellent legal expertise of the various legal areas as self-evident. We endeavour to be the legal conscience of our clients.

Knowledge and understanding of your area of business, therefore is key. We know what is happening in your market and thus are able to determine your legal needs. We consequently are able to jointly determine the right course of action for your organization.  The clients of our law firm are assisted based on a solid and sound and theoretically substantiated advice. With our knowledge and understanding of your market and our experience in different areas of law, we know exactly what is important to you and  how we can provide security and recommend structural solutions.

Thanks to the knowledge of your industry our lawyers are uniquely qualified to collaborate with you to determine your future course of action. So, no passive  legal specialists, but a trusting partner who applies a helicopter view to assess and analyse your organisation. The difference between a solid team and a bunch of loosely and individually operating specialists; we are a  firm that stays in control and rise to the occasion.

We distinguish ourselves through our passion and commitment. That is how we are of added value to you. The attorneys of Rosthuizen Geense Advocaten take their social responsibility seriously and  are therefore not only committed towards clients from sectors such as construction and real estate, government,  education, health care, culture and nature but they are also actively engaged in activities and initiatives  that enhance the well-being of the community. In that spirit we also welcome those individuals with limited means.

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