Inheritance Law

Inheritance law regulates the financial consequences that arise as a result of the death of individuals, as well as the subsequent transfer of their assets and liabilities to heirs. The law also regulates who can claim an inheritance. This may have been determined by the deceased in the form of a will, which will define who is entitled to the inheritance. In addition, the deceased may have decided to leave a legacy to one or certain heirs or a (non-profit) organization.

the distribution of the estate does not usually lead to problems.  However, disputes can arise around the proper distribution of an estate. In such situations a good knowledge of the inheritance law is essential. 

The lawyers of Rotshuizen Geense Advocaten have the knowledge of inheritance law needed to advise heirs regarding the correct distribution of the estate and the rights of themselves or others, who claim to be entitled to the inheritance. It is important to note that the field of inheritance law, beyond being complex legally, requires a sensitivity, since in most cases, clients who turn to legal counsel in matters of inheritance or estate management are usually dealing with complex and sensitive matters such as the impending death of a relative. We at Rotshuizen Geense Advocaten realise that these situations require a level of sensitivity, understanding and attentiveness. 


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