mr. Rudolf Knegtering

Rudolf Knegtering

Lawyer at Rotshuizen Geense Advocaten


Rudolf specializes in civil construction law and procurement law. He supports and advises larger as well as smaller contractors aimed at achieving their commercial objectives. His knowledge and understanding of business management is beneficial in that regard. He makes it his business to know the motives and goals of his clients and is therefore capable of recommending the right course of action.

As a  procurement specialist Rudolf advises both tenderers and contracting authorities , including several municipalities. Rudolf is a quick and adequate responder, an absolute necessity in procurement law as critical decisions need to be made in a short period of time. This is the nature of procurement law. This quality comes in handy as Rudolf is regularly appointed as curator by the court. After such an appointment acting quickly is a key requirement.  The main objective is for the  creditors' interests to be safeguarded. This is sometimes realized through an acquisition. (You have to make hay while the sun shines.)

Educational background

  • Dutch law at the University of Groningen (major in private law )
  • Practicing law since  2005

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