mr. Evert-Jan Rotshuizen

Evert-Jan Rotshuizen

Ambassador of Rotshuizen Geense Advocaten

Evert-Jan Rotshuizen specializes in insolvency law. Evert-Jan is a regularly appointed trustee in major bankruptcy cases. Entrepreneurs call on Evert-Jan regularly as for many of them he is a 'trusted advisor'. That enables him to determine the right course together with the client in order to achieve the company objectives. A special group of entrepreneurs that Evert -Jan assists are active in the fishing industry such as  auctions and , fish processing.  A  specific and unique client group with their own specific needs require a tailor-made approach . Evert-Jan fills that need.

Educational background

  • Dutch law at the VU (Vrije Universiteit) Amsterdam (Major in private law )
  • Doctorat the Spécialité and Sociology Juridique (first part) , University of Paris ( Sorbonne )
  • Comparative Law , University of Strasbourg
  • Practicing law since 1975

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