mr. Adriaan Geense

Adriaan Geense

Ambassador of Rotshuizen Geense Advocaten

Adriaan is part of the healthcare and welfare team. Adriaan has years of experience as a lawyer in the healthcare sector. Both in the areas of 'care' and 'cure'. Adriaan knows healthcare  better than anyone, as well as the various stakeholders and their specific interests, needs and requirements. Hospital management and boards of directors of other healthcare providers consider Adriaan as their sparring partner .

Adrian is also regularly appointed as a trustee in larger bankruptcy cases. Adriaan often applies the   experience  he has gained over the years to support and assist entrepreneurs. Especially in difficult times when a more structured approach is needed, Adriaan is a valuable partner who gets his clients back on track.

Educational background

  • Dutch Law at the University of Utrecht ( major in private law)
  • Practicing law since  1977

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