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As from today the law firms Rotshuizen Geense Advocaten in Leeuwarden and PlasBossinade advocaten en notarissen in Groningen are officially collaborating in the field of tax law. For Rotshuizen Geense this collaboration is a desired move towards a broader range of services. PlasBossinade regards the presence of its tax lawyers in Leeuwarden as a strengthening of its own position in the Netherlands.

The collaboration in the field of tax law, including economic and tax criminal law, creates for Rotshuizen Geense a stronger position in the Frisian market. Cynthia Grondsma, director of Rotshuizen Geense Advocaten: “Just like Rotshuizen Geense PlasBossinade is a renowned office. Yet Rotshuizen Geense does not have specialized tax lawyers. With this additional and support service we create a value enhancement for the benefit of our existing relations and new clients.”

With the collaboration PlasBossinade expands its working area in the field of tax law. “Collaboration between tax lawyers and other legal disciplines has appeared to be a proven and successful collaboration model within PlasBossinade”, so says Peter Fousert, chairman of the board of PlasBossinade. “Through the rollout of this model we will break new roads together with Rotshuizen Geense which will strengthen our position.”

Rotshuizen Geense Advocaten, set up in 1939, is a medium-sized law firm and strongly rooted in Friesland. Traditionally the firm is very active in Construction and Property, Health and Welfare and Public Sector and Education.

PlasBossinade advocaten en notarissen has existed for more than 115 years. It is the largest service provider in the city of Groningen. The firm also has a notary sector established in Haren. PlasBossinade has 90 people, consisting of 50 legal professionals (lawyers and civil-law notaries) and business consultants, offering the full range of legal services.

Cynthia Grondsma (lawyer/partner Rotshuizen Geense Advocaten) and Paulien Waninge (lawer/partner PlasBossinade advocaten en notarissen)

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