Public-private partnership

Public-private partnership  is a form of cooperation between the government and one or more private enterprises. A PPP arrangement is characterized by a retreating government. Of the private enterprises it is expected that they  come up with innovative solutions.

It frequently happens that private companies enter into  long-term agreements with the government  thereby incurring risks. The private parties for example commit to  years of maintenance or operation where in the past the government used to be responsible for the associated risks. Even more than in any other legal situation a good agreement which allows you to control and manage the business risk is a must.

Also for governments , it is  important that good contract  governs the agreements made. They obviously do not want to be confronted with transferring the mentioned risksto them.

The lawyers of Rotshuizen Geense Advocaten can assist you in preparing and explaining a PPP arrangement . We also know the political playing field in which the relevant trade-offs must be made.

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Lawyers public-private partnership

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