Medical disciplinary law

The Dutch disciplinary law system offers patients the opportunity to file complaints against health care providers, and increasing numbers of patients have found their way to the medical disciplinary tribunal. The disciplinary committee assesses whether the health care provider has executed their duties with the required and necessary care. This not only involves the medical aspect, but also concerns the degree to which the patient was adequately informed, whether a proper transfer to another care provider was ensured. Another aspect concerns simply being  accessible and approachable .

These aspects are often given inadequate attention by aid workers in a medical disciplinary proceeding, which sometimes results in imposing unnecessary measures. The specialists of Rotshuizen Geense Advocaten  are experts in preparing and carrying out a defensive strategy in such procedures .

Also, patients can turn to us if they question  whether in a treatment given the necessary care was provided.

Lawyers medical disciplinary law


Lawyers medical disciplinary law

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