Apartments law

The apartment right law is a true specialty. Apartments right law is private law with a formal nature. The legislation is sometimes complex and compliance is not always easy.

Rotshuizen Geense Lawyers has a special legal assistance subscription for homeowners associations and homeowners management offices to support your daily practice. This legal assistance subscription and helpdesk means that homeowners associations and homeowners management offices who are subscribers for a fixed annual amount, can call on us for advice, for an unlimited number of times. This enhances ease of access to our services. For the legal assistance subscription the following annual rates apply.

Up to 50 apartments € 500,--

Up to 100 apartments € 1.000,--

Up to 200 apartments € 1.500,--

More than 200 apartments € 1.750,--

Amounts are ex. VAT.

Lawyer apartments law


Lawyer apartments law

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