Criminal law

Every citizen who comes into contact with the police / justice department and criminal law, has the right to proper legal assistance regardless of the nature of the suspected crime. The implications of coming into contact with criminal law can be considerable. In addition to financial penalties and mandatory community service, imprisonment may be imposed. For this reason the rights of those accused of a crime should be protected in the best way possible.

The lawyers of Rotshuizen Geense Advocaten are specialists in criminal law and are therefore your best choice for resolving your legal matter. It is our conviction that everybody should have access to legal aid, and we thus offer, under certain conditions, Pro Deo legal aid 

Not only individuals, but companies and (non) government agencies can be confronted with legal problems as well, for example due to suspicion of an economic offense. A suspicion of this nature may have far-reaching consequences for the company or institution. We can provide you with sound legal assistance in these cases as well. 

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